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Welcome To Beta! Updates to this page will happen on a regular bases. We are an open community for trading, TCG Pricing and all general Pokemon gaming!

Pack Values

Updated 6-29-2020

SSH now reflects as 1 for trading purposes. with +.2 added value This way it makes it easy to convert 2-1 for SSH to REC while still leaving REC with an added value of .2+ when looking for trades related on the guide. So if you see a card thats worth 2.4, that is = to 2 REC. When you see trades for 1, you should ask for more or less within the .2+ value margin benefitting you. Feedback welcome! With cards that would have a potential value of 2.5 or with .5 at the end, Consider trading SSH instead to increase your overall trade value.

Pokemon V-VMAX

----------- Rebel Clash ----------- 
----------- Sword Shield -----------

Pokemon TGT

Pokemon GX


----------- Rebel Clash -----------
----------- Sword Shield -----------

Meta Playables